Welcome to MND GMZ Ministries!

Welcome to MND GMZ Ministries!! This ministry is committed to one thing – identity. Who are you? Do you matter? The world has a lot to say about this and the overload of information causes confusion and can play serious mind games with us (catch that – mind games). The good news is that God has even more to say about your value, worth, and identity. And what He has to say provides clarity and brings comfort. The world has bent and twisted the rules of how we define ourselves, it’s time we reclaim the rules and find identity in Christ, which was the way it was always been meant to be. In a nutshell that is what this ministry, and this blog, is all about.

My hope is that you join me by engaging in conversation with me and with other readers. Let’s dialogue with one another! Let’s make this a place where truth is spoken, lies are confronted, encouragement is offered, and blessings abound. The words may begin as mine, but my hope is that this is a space where my head and heart are met by the Holy Spirit and then taken further by your responses and thoughts. Let’s all follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads. Let’s journey together. Put on your favorite pair of sneakers (the crazier the color the better) and let’s walk towards greater understanding of who God is, how He loves us, and who He says we are. Let’s learn to live like we really, truly believe 1 John 3:1, “Consider the kind of extravagant love the Father has lavished on us – He calls us children of God! It’s true; we are His beloved children (The Voice).”

Initially I began to write a paragraph thanking everyone who has already journeyed with me to this point. The paragraph soon became a page. Needless to say, I’m blessed! So for time and space sake, I say thank you to all of you who have already played an integral role in the launching of this ministry. You know who you are! I’ll end with a video by Jason Gray that has become an inspiration and a favorite of mine and a verse that I believe sums up my motivation and passion for this ministry. So again, welcome! I’m excited for the adventure ahead and hope you’ll join me.

“We want to tell you about the One who was from the beginning. We have seen Him with our own eyes, heard Him with our own ears, and touched Him with our own hands. This One is the manifestation of the life-giving Voice,and He showed us real life, eternal life. We have seen it all, and we can’t keep what we witnessed quiet—we have to share it with you. We are inviting you to experience eternal life through the One who was with the Father and came down to us. What we saw and heard we pass on to you so that you, too, will be connected with us intimately and become family. Our family is united by our connection with the Father and His Son Jesus, the Anointed One; and we write all this because retelling this story fulfills our joy.” 1 John 1:1-4

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