So I have been on a bit of a hiatus. My silence has not been the result of writer’s block – trust me, I have much to share! Nor have I been sitting around twiddling my thumbs! No, I’ve been out and about sharing with some amazing ministries, teaching classes, and of course seeing clients. (My boss wishes doing paperwork was among that list – don’t worry Jean, the notes will get done!)

I love you, my readers, and I’m both honored (and frankly taken aback) that so many of you have missed my random musings and little insights. And I can’t wait to share with you some of the things I’ve been pondering and some of the thoughts that have been marinating over the last couple of months. Here’s a sneak peek…

Everyone wants to belong…

We need each other. Young and old alike – all have something unique to offer.

Waiting is the hardest part, but the most important part…

Authenticity is scary, but necessary…and awesome!

And of course, Christmas craze, holiday haze, and the meaning maze.


I’d stay up writing all night if I didn’t have to be coherent enough to teach in the morning. Or have those silly progress notes to write. Or have papers to grade. Or was 15 years younger and actually still capable of pulling all nighters.

For now, here’s a silly, yet sincere tidbit.

I attended an Iowa Hawkeye football game this fall. Thanks to a VERY generous friend, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a game for the last few seasons. My favorite team since my youth, it is always a thrill watch them play live. One of my favorite moments of every game at Kinnick Stadium is hearing those first few notes of “Back in Black” begin to blare over the loud speaker as the jumbotron shows the team making their way through the tunnel from the locker room to the field. This little pregame ritual always brings tears to my eyes. Yes, you read that correctly, tears. And yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that. But I finally sat down and asked myself why I become so emotional watching a football team run onto the field.

back in black 2

coming onto field

For one thing, there’s nothing like the excitement and anticipation before a sporting event. The hope and promise of a victory, even if the possibility seems slim, exists at the start of each contest. Second, the team runs on as one – united by one objective – to win the game. They are united by the name on the front of their jersey, which for the duration of the game becomes much more important than the name on the back. They win as Iowa Hawkeyes. They lose as Iowa Hawkeyes. (And a little piece of me dies regardless of the outcome because my blood pressure rises to dangerous levels during each game.)


What does this have to do with identity or faith (other than the fact that I owe the Hawkeyes for improving my prayer life and teaching e how to endure suffering and deal with disappointment)? Well, it may sound silly, but as Christians, we also play for the same team. We are united not by our individuality (although our uniqueness is beautiful and necessary) but we are united by our commonalities. We have a common Creator, who serves as our coach in a common goal – that of glorifying His name and bringing Heaven to earth. And the best part? He guarantees victory! No need for high blood pressure. There may be high drama at times, but there is no need for concern when the outcome is assured. We win. God will be glorified. His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven. Jesus will indeed return (though the trumpets probably won’t be playing “Back in Black”). And when He does return, every knee will bow and every tongue will proclaim that He is Lord! Praise God!

Whether a Hawkeye or a Cyclone. A Bugeater or a Badger. A Blue Devil or a Tarheel. Or no fan at all. I’m honored to journey and battle alongside each and everyone of you.

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