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Dr. Karen is available to speak to groups of all ages and sizes. Speaking fees are negotiable. Utilize the “contact/book me” tab to inquire about available dates. Topics include (but are not limited to):

For Youth/Adult Events:

“Becoming Beloved” – so often self-worth is defined by our accomplishments, accumulation, and accolades. However, these things do not last and do not satisfy. True self-worth is only find in accepting one’s true identity as God’s beloved child.

“Wounded” – What do we do to deal with the hurt and pain we experience in life? We can “stuff it”. We can get “stuck” in it. Or we can learn to “share it” with God.

“May your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No'” – Yes and No are two of the simplest and yet most powerful words. So often it is difficult to use these words in the right ways. We say yes to things we wish we could have said no to and vice versa. Without good boundaries we feel taken advantage of, run down, and worn out. True joy and contentment is found in being true to our calling by saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong things.

“Dating God’s Way” – What does God say about dating? Is it ok to date in high school? How do I handle physical intimacy in a dating relationship? How do I honor God in my dating life? How do I know I am dating the right person? A God-honoring relationship begins with a life that honors God. Healthy dating starts with YOU!

For Parents/Youth leaders:

“Raising Disciples in a Digital World” – Technology has taken over. It is difficult to account for the impact technology has on our lives or will have on our future. Recent research suggests there are potential dangers to our use of technology. How do we help our children unplug? What boundaries do we place on their use of technology? How do we help them become disciples in the midst of a digital world?

“Tough Talks with Teens” – Teenagers face difficult situations on a daily basis. Teenagers face decisions regarding sex, technology, substance use, and their future just to name a few. As adults, it is so tempting to simply bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is ok with our teens. But the stakes are simply too great. How do parents and youth leaders address difficult topics with the teenagers they love and care for?

“Breaking Hearts for Hurting Kids” – Being a teenager has never been more difficult. To understand their hurt, you must understand their world. This seminar offers an overview of why teenagers cling to their friends, seem to make decisions that go against their values, and more than anything simply want to be accepted and supported by the adults in their lives.

“Discipline Done Right” – Discipline is a difficult part of both parenting and leading in a church setting. How do you set limits and hold them? Learn how to implement consequences that speak volumes, create character, and improve atmosphere in your home or youth group.

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  1. Would like to get in touch with Karen. She was my therapist in Pella, IA years ago. I was Nancy Penick then.please give her my email address.
    She helped me through PTSD from military sexual trauma. A wonderful counselor, turned friend.

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