Happy Anniversary! Reflections of the First Year

I spent time last night simply watching the snow fall with a warm blanket and an eager puppy on my lap. (One that currently will not stop barking at anyone who dare to try to shovel, so he may be free to a good home at this point.)

IMAG0303               IMAG0300

In the midst of the endless to-do list filled with books to read, messages to write, paperwork to complete, and a puppy to entertain, I was compelled to simply stop and watch.  It was too peaceful and mesmerizing not to take in for a moment. And it gave me the time I’d been longing for and needing to simply reflect. You see in the midst of a “snowpocalypse”, Super Bowl festivities, and the typical activities of a Sunday afternoon, today marks the one year anniversary of the launching of MND GMZ Ministries. One year ago today, with the simple push of a button, MND GMZ Ministries became a reality with this simple blog. There was no going back! It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

And as beautiful as the falling snow looked last night, God revealed a stunning tapestry this morning that beckons one to continue to put the to-do list on the back burner, to curl up with a hot drink, to invite that playful puppy to stop barking and curl up with me, and continue to reflect on the past year.


After playing in the snow a bit of course…

So as I sit and stare at the winter wonderland outside my window and think back on the last year, one thought consumes my mind: that of profound gratefulness.

I am thankful for family and friends that make up the MND GMZ Core Team. You have always encouraged, never once accused me of being crazy (even when I felt like I was), and have covered me in countless and unceasing prayers. MND GMZ Ministries is a reality because of your belief in its mission and your faith in Christ!

I am thankful for YOU – my readers, cheerleaders, followers, and friends. MND GMZ Ministries exists to bring truth where lies have taken hold, specifically truth about the source of our identity. Every time you “like” or “share” a post or encourage someone to follow this blog, you join in that mission.

Finally, I’m thankful that I’m as passionate about that mission as I have ever been and believe it is more important now than ever before. And I’m thankful to not be alone in this important Kingdom work. May we all work together to “reclaim the rules” that our true worth and identity is found as God’s beloved sons and daughters by adoption through Jesus Christ!

Here’s a few opportunities in which you may join MND GMZ Ministries in the days to come and what you can expect for year two!

First, MND GMZ Ministries Core Team will be having a prayer event Friday, February 6th at 7:00 pm. Prayer is the backbone of this ministry. It was born in prayer, launched in prayer a year ago, and has been bathed in prayer ever since. It is only fitting to mark the one year anniversary with prayer of thanks for the past year and prayer seeking guidance for the year to come. Join us from wherever you are. That is what is wonderful about prayer – it unites our hearts and spirits regardless of physical proximity!

Second, continue to follow, read, and share with others! Your social media creates a powerful chain reaction that allows the message to spread more quickly than you realize. Your role matters! Over the next week or two, you’ll notice a few of our favoirte “throwback blogs” as a reminder of the focus of this ministry, but then you can expect new blogs to begin to appear again. I have much to share but there are also some AMAZING guest bloggers line up as well! Whether old or new, keep hitting that “share link” button!

Third, I have the distinct honor and privilege of speaking at Central College next Sunday and Monday. If you are near the Pella area or know someone who is, you are welcome to come! The events are free and open to the public. I believe God will be present in powerful ways so please come join! And keep your eyes open for other speaking events in the future. There is an updated calendar and don’t hesitate to think of us for your next youth, college, or adult ministry event!

So, grab your favorite Sperrys, your brightest sneakers, prettiest pumps, or boldest boots. It’s time to journey into year two! And I couldn’t be happier you’ve come along!


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